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cha signatures

Our signature tastes of South-of-the-border chili, chamoy, and tamarind candy with fresh fruit.


Refreshing icy blends of fresh fruit packed with vitamins and nutrients.


A base of freshly brewed green tea complimented with fresh fruits.

Bubble teas

Freshly brewed Taiwanese tea leaves.

fusion teas

Make it yours! Infuse your favorite freshly brewed tea with bold, fruity flavors.

Sea Foam

Bold coffee and teas balanced with our savory homemade sea salt whipped cream.

specialty coffees

Rich, locally roasted coffee handcrafted to start your day perfectly. 


Naturally flavored, icy drinks blended with a cream base and topped with whipped cream.

Seasonal Drinks

Our monthly curated selection of original drinks that will put you in the spirit of the season.