about us

When a drink makes it from our counter to your hands, it represents more than a business transaction. Coffee and tea can be items of comfort, a way to treat ourselves, or a part of our daily routines. It’s not lost on us that two simple elements are responsible for bringing people together the way they do; we actually think it’s quite magical. And so we created Magic Cup as a way to share this feeling with others.

We strive for a wholesome approach with fresh local goods, a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and a warm, inviting atmosphere. Eastern and western influences merge with the best aspects of boba tea, smoothie and craft coffee shops to provide each customer with a unique experience. Additionally, we offer a selection of Asian fusion dishes, setting us apart from your average drink stop.


bubble tea

Our High Quality Premium Tea Leaves from the mountains of Taiwan are steeped in house. The water used in each drink is filtered three times through our Reverse Osmosis Water System, ensuring that our fruit and tea flavors shine brightly. Freshly brewed teas and boba are sweetened with Natural Raw Cane Sugar, sans high fructose corn syrup. We carry Gluten Free jellies and non-dairy milk options such as Soymilk, Almond Milk, and Coconut Milk.

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Our Special-teas are unique creations made with our premium green teas and mixed with real portions of fresh fruit. They are a perfect combination of rejuvenating and refreshing.


Fruit slushies

Our delicious, unique slushies are made with real, fresh fruit puree. They're packed with vitamins and nutrients that are perfect for brightening up your day. Our slushies contain no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no high fructose corn syrup, and no preservatives



Our Frappes are blended with rich, creamy bases that are kosher, contain no artificial colors, and no trans-fats. They are topped with whipped cream and premium sauces. We have non-dairy milk options such as Soymilk, Almond Milk, and Coconut Milk.


handcrafted espresso

Our coffee beans are locally roasted in Dallas with a top of the line Probat 1969 UG-22 roaster. Our espresso is sure to kickstart your morning with a blend of sweetness and acidity, rock sugar aroma, and milk chocolate finish. We recommend pairing your coffee with steamed milk or served ice cold on a hot Texas day.


Asian fusion dishes

Our Houston location serves the perfect fusion of East meets West dishes, which anyone can enjoy. For first time guests, we recommend the Pho-Nomenal Dip, a mouthwatering crossover between the traditional Vietnamese Pho and a French dip sandwich, or our Kimchi Fries, crispy fries piled high with sriracha-mayo, shredded cheese, green onions, and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Add an egg or bacon to put it over the top.


Our goal is to create a welcoming space, where people are united in their love of coffee, tea, and good food.


We hope to see you soon!